Access to dinutuximab beta


In collaboration with our partner, Clinigen-Idis, EUSA Pharma offers a Managed Access Programme to satisfy requests from physicians for access to dinutuximab beta for patients with high-risk neuroblastoma. The Managed Access Programme provides access to dinutuximab beta in certain defined countries and in line with local country specific regulations. EUSA Pharma can only provide access in response to unsolicited requests from qualified physicians for an individual patient with no alternative treatment options.


If you are a qualified healthcare professional, please contact a Clinigen-Idis representative on the contact details given below to learn more about the availability of dinutuximab beta in your country.

Tel: + 44 (0)1932 824123

Fax: +44 (0)1932 824323


Idis cannot respond to direct enquiries from patients, parents or carers. If you are a relative of a patient, looking for information regarding the availability of dinutuximab beta in your country, then please discuss this with your physician, or refer your physician directly to Clinigen-Idis.