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Dinutuximab beta

Dinutuximab beta is a monoclonal chimeric antibody produced in CHO cells targeting the GD2 antigen on neuroblastoma cells. It has been investigated in clinical trials against neuroblastoma (a rare childhood cancer), with more than 700 patients having received treatment to date. Dinutuximab beta is currently used as part of the regimen for the treatment of high risk neuroblastoma in Europe and is available under a managed access program. The immunotherapy has orphan drug designation in the US and EU and is currently under review for marketing authorization by the EMA.

EUSA Pharma have announced the acquisition of exclusive global commercialisation rights to dinutuximab beta from Apeiron Biologics. EUSA expects to file the product for registration in the US and Japan in 2017.

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Date of prep: Oct 2016